Mail Service

What is SmartePost?

An eShipper exclusive trackable mail service, comparable to the postal service, for customers that ship domestically, to USA and Internationally.

Think of SmartePost as a hybrid between a mail and courier service. Whether you’re shipping envelopes or packages, this program is ideal for eCommerce businesses that ship low-value, high volume shipments.

Why SmartePost?

You get access to incredible domestic rates and the most competitive international rates available in Canada today.You get a trackable mail service for less than you'd pay with the postal service.SmartePost is the exclusive partner of DHL eCommerce in Canada today.You can receive up to 90% savings on shipping.You receive full tracking to 28 countries.

  • There is more
    • Pre-customs clearance.
    • 2-14 day delivery worldwide.
    • Delivery confirmation to 28 countries.
    • Free insurance on items up to $100.
    • Ship weights under 2 lbs.
    • Pick up services available in Southern Ontario.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a shipment on the eShipper platform and print your shipping labels.
  2. Fill out the required pickup forms and send them to your account manager or customer sales rep
  3. Place all clearly labelled packages into one box or bag with your shipping label addressed to the eShipper hub in Brampton, Ontario
  4. The box/bag will be picked up and delivered to the eShipper hub.
  5. Your shipments will be sorted at the hub.
  6. Once sorted, it will be sent to the relevant hubs for shipping. Tracking will begin at this stage.

What happens with my shipments?

  • Domestic shipments will be inducted into the postal network
  • International shipments will be flown to destination countries and custom cleared by DHL, then inducted into the local postal service for final mile delivery.

What service levels can I expect?

This trackable mail service predominantly uses the postal service of the destination country. SmartePost works with Canada Post for domestic shipments and DHL eCommerce for trans border and international shipments.

Insurance and Payout:

First $100 is free. After that, pay only $1 for every $100.

Transit times:

Typical transit times are:Canada – 2–5 days.US – 3-12 days.International – 4-14 days.

Anything else I should know?

Shipments can be delivered to post boxes.Items that require FDA approval and/or consumables are restricted commodities.

We’re here to help you grow

Thinking of taking your eCommerce business global but don’t know where to start? eShipper has collaborated with organizations such as Export Development Canada, Magnet Portal and Toronto Region Board of Trade to equip our customers with the tools, connections, information and finances they need to take on the world.

mail service

Need a closer drop-off location?
We got you covered!

We are delighted to announce 5 drop off locations within the GTA to create a more convenient method to ship your eCommerce orders.

Mail service

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